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I and We Coaching


Welcome to I and We Coaching

Many people seek assistance from a relationship coach for pre-marital counseling, marriage counseling, and divorce counseling. We help our clients take a proactive approach that promotes open communication and helps in the attainment of successful conflict resolution.

We work one on one with couples to provide couples counseling that brings partners closer together. Our pre marital counseling helps in the preparation of the way the relationship may change after marriage. In this way, we are able to help best prepare them for any potential challenges while fostering the development of relationship skills that will give them the tools to overcome any potential marital difficulties. Charleston Crawlspace

Our business coaching solutions help organizations strengthen employee and management interactions while inspiring and motivating each member of the team.

Relationship Coaching

I and We Coaching offers a dynamic and unique service that helps couples. businesses, and individuals meet their relationship goals. Based in Charleston, SC, we offer a life coach who is committed to helping our clients achieve their ideals of purpose, passion, and peace in their organizations and personal lives. We integrate relationship coaching and business coaching to foster goals for team building and successful communication. Establishing strong bonds with others in a way that encourages growth and openness is one of the main foundations of any relationship whether personal or professional. I and We Coaching has a goal of helping our clients to develop their relationship skills in order to better their quality of life while taking their businesses to untold heights. Hookahs For Sale

Contact I and We Coaching for more information about our services by calling (843) 852-9828.

  • Marriage Counseling

  • Life Coaching

  • Relationship Coaching

  • Divorce Coaching

  • Executive Coaching

Marriage CoachingI work with married couples and committed partners who want to be educated and encouraged to explore the origin of how and why they got to where they are and then make the changes necessary to break any negative cycles in order to allow growth, healing and re-connection to occur. Almost all marriages can use counseling, not just ones that are obviously in trouble. Even when things are good, I guarantee they can be better. Let me show you how.

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lifecoachingI & WE Life/Personal coaching helps individuals to move forward in their lives and realize their dreams and goals. Whether you are experiencing a transition such as a relationshp break-up, separation, divorce, or are single searching for a mate or having problems in your professional life. If you are looking for a new life coach or personal counselor in the Charleston, SC area then be sure to check out more information by clicking on the Read More link. Feel free to contact us for your FREE personal coaching session and stop letting fear hold you back and start aligning your vision, values and core beliefs.

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Relationship CoachingOur Couples and Relationship counseling focuses on Premarital and Dating Coaching guiding couples who are dating or in a commited relationship to explore compatibility & engaged on a journey to achieve a deeper understanding about themselves, each other and their relationship. This creates a solid foundation to either enthusiastically agree to move forward together or let go and be better prepared when the next relationship opportunity presents itself. If you are looking for relationship counseling in Charleston, SC be sure to contact us for your FREE session. We also do coaching sessions online via skype to anywhere in the country.

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Divorce CoachingWe work with our clients individually and/or together to manage conflicts within themselves and the other in order to have effective communication, to achieve amicable compromises and resolutions and peaceful co-parenting. We deal with people in various stages of separation, from married couples in conflict to already divorced individuals, struggling to re-organize and adjust during the post-divorce period. Read More
Executive CoachingI & WE Executive / Business Coaching is a proactive and powerful approach toward educating, motivating, inspiring and training employees. Our programs are designed to assist business owners, corporate leaders, supervisors and employees in mastering more effective methods to achieve relationship success in all areas of their lives. The coaching process leads to superior customer service, enhanced teamwork, increased productivity and improved employee morale and loyalty. Read More